In guide I will cover the following points that you need to setup before you can launch your first campaign successfully with FunnelBake after you have made your purchase.

Integrating your Email Account
Setting Up Custom Tracking Domain
Setting Up Signature
Setting Up templates
Creating Custom Fields (If Any)
Creating a Group & Uploading Your List
Launch Your Campaign

Let's dive right in. 

Integrating your Email Account

As you as you are inside your dashboard, head to and choose your preferred integration. 

At the moment, we offer Gmail, SMTP and AmazonSES as the 3 available integrations. 

We have a complete guide on how to integrate each one of them available here.

Setting Up Custom Tracking Domain

Once you have finished your integration with your preferred provider, it's time to setup your custom tracking domain. 

To setup your Custom Tracking Domain. Head to Settings > Custom Tracking Domain.

A custom tracking domain can help you increase your Inbox delivery rate by over 40%. We highly recommend you to set this up.

In order to setup your custom tracking domain, head to your domain DNS provider and then do the following two steps:

Create a sub-domain (
Create a CNAME DNS record pointing to

Once you have setup the above, please allow up to 24 hours for your DNS to propagate. 

Setting Up Signature

As a FunnelBake customer, we don't limit you on the number of signatures that you want to create with us. 

To setup your Signature. Head to Settings > Signature and click on the Add Signature button.

Now you can setup as many signature as you want. However, please make a note of the unique custom signature field that gets created. 

In the above example, {{ signature1 }} and {{ signature2 }}. Your custom signature field can be different.

You will need to paste this code inside your email template which is our next step. 

Setting Up templates

Setting up templates with FunnelBake is super easy. 

Simply head to Templates

..and click on the New Template button. 

You can now setup as many templates as you want. 

Here is a Pro Tip: Make sure to add Tags to each of your emails so that you can easily sort them inside your Templates.

Creating Custom Fields (If Any)

FunnelBake by default provides with the following popular custom fields: 

First Name
Last Name
Email ID
Company Name

However, if you don't want to restrict yourself to these fields then you can create unlimited custom field.

These fields will be available to you when you are creating templates as well as mapping the data when you are uploading them.

Creating a Group & Uploading Your List

In order to add Groups head to List > Contacts and first click on Add New Group Button. 

Once you have added the group, click on that group and go inside the group, click on Add Contacts and upload your CSV file. 

_Special Note: Please make sure to check/uncheck if you have any header inside your CSV or else you will miss out on that data. _

Launch Your Campaign

Now that you have successful done all the above steps, it's time to launch your first campaign. 

Head to Campaigns > Campaigns List and click on Create Campaign button. 

If you have followed all the steps above then you can skip on the settings and directly move to the builder section (Step 2). 

Build your campaign and launch.
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