Let's start off by defining the terminology we will be using in this article to better help you understand it and quickly get setup

Subcriber: A subscriber is a contact you will be sending email to. Note: This could be a lead obtained for cold email outreach. Does NOT need to be a "subscriber of a newsletter" in particular, it can be any contact. 

Group: A list of subscribers.

Fields: A description of the data you are uploading to the app. When you "Map a Field" you are essentially telling the app "This Data" means "This" in my case, "Oscar" means "First Name".

Now that we got that out of the way, the fun part:

1- In order to Add Subscribers to send them email, you will need to first create a Group in the app here:

2- After creating the group, click on it to open it, then click "Add Subscribers"

3- Click on the "Copy and Paste" button to open the manual input box. You need to separate each field with a comma. Like this:

4- Once you're done entering the information, you will map it like you see above and the contact will be uploaded to your list.

This method is for adding contacts manually. If you'd like to learn about adding multiple contacts using a CSV file, click here:

Thanks for reading and if you need any help feel free to reach out via chat anytime!
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