Here are few general advises that can help you avoid spam trigger:

1) Avoid using Images in your Welcome and 1st Follow Email.

2) Don't use spammy words in your email content. 

3) Avoid using words like "Free", "Promotion", "Sale" etc. too many times. 

4) Avoid using "!" too many times in your email. 

5) Avoid using HTML contents when cold outreaching. We recommend using as much plain text as possible.

6) Avoid using any links when sending out your Welcome Email. 

7) Try avoiding @gmail accounts, instead use Google Suite (Avoid Free Trial Accounts) to improve your deliverability rate. 

When using G suite or SMTP, please setup proper  SPF and DKIM records for Google.

9) If your Google Account is new, scale up gradually.

10) When setting up SMTP, using SMTP, ensure to warm up your IP address and email address before scaling up your email count. Ideally we will recommend you to send 90-100 emails a day for the first two weeks, and then 150-200 emails a day until you complete your first month.

11) Keep your signature clean, and try including your phone number and address. 

12) Make sure that your list is clean, too many hard and soft bounces can affect your IP and email address. 

13) Make sure to validate your source of your list. Avoid buying any kind of email list.
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