Once you receive your login credentials for your Agency Panel, our entire panel is segmented into the following section.

Client Management
All Orders Management
Profile Management
Agency Account Settings
Custom Modules

Client Dashboard

On the client dashboard, you will be able to see all your basic statistics like number of users and your current revenue along with a list of segmented plans and revenue based on each plan. 

Client Management

Here you are able to Add Orders for each of your clients. In order for you to onboard your customer, you will need to give them your custom domain sign up link. 

Which will look something like this: subdomain.domain.com/register

In order to add a new order please check out the following GIF:

In case if your client has failed to make the payment to you, you can click on the suspend button to temporarily suspend their account.

In case if you want to send a verification email or want to reset the password, click on the respected button: 

Order Management

In this section, you will find all the details about each and every order that has been placed from the system. 


In this section, you can current change the password for your agency. 

Agency Account Settings

In this section, all the magic happens. 

Once your domain name has been setup, it cannot be changed automatically. You will need to contact us. 

In the Settings > General section you can setup the Meta Title, upload your company logo and upload your Favicon.


Move to Settings> Emails/Templates Config

Now, setup your hostname, username, from and password with your own SMTP details. This way, we can truly make the onboarding email as 100% white label as well. 

Currently you have the following list of emails available that you can edit as you want.

Move to Settings> Layout settings

This is where you can add links for your own knowlegebase and terms of service.

Custom Modules

Inside Custom Module, you can setup your own Google Auth and making your FunnelBake account truly white label. 

You can also add your own Live Chat, Google Analytics and other tracking links as you wish. Simply paste your Custom JavaScript link and you are all set.
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