Getting Google Auth can be challenging and can take several weeks to get approved. 

However, if you want to truly make your platform white label then we have build Google Auth module where you can setup your own Google Auth. 

What is Google Auth? 

Google Auth is a process where the users giving permission to the app to access their account in order to setup automation. 

To get started:

Head to:

If you don't the above, then create a project very quickly. 

Once you have created your project, now enable Gmail API service in your account. 

Once Gmail API is enabled, now head to credentials and create a new API key.

Once done, head to OAuth consent screen and fill out all the required details and then verify your domain.

Google will send you an email, promptly reply to their email and send them all the details. This process can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks and is beyond our control. 

Now head back to credentials click on the newly API credentials that you had created. 

Copy the Client Id, Client Secret and Redirect URI and paste it in the Custom Module inside your Agency Panel. 

All you are all set.
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