Before you get started with your AmazonSES Integration, please make sure you have a registered account with them, if you don't then please click here to create a new account.

In order to use AmazonSES with FunnelBake, you need the following two:

Access Key ID
Secret Access Key

In order to get the both, head to IAM Management Console (Ensure to use the right location where you want Amazon to approve your AmazonSES access from the top right corner) 

Click on Add New User




In the User Name enter funnelbake and check Access type as Programmatic access since we are looking for access key ID and secret access key.


Create a new group and name it SES and attach AmazonSESFullAccess policy. 

Skip Step 3 and move to Step 4


Create your user. 


Now, copy your keys and go to Integration > AmazonSES

Now enter your details below:

Please make sure to select the right location from the drop down menu.

If you are planning to use our 2-way sync feature then please make sure to add your IMAP configuration details where you want your prospect to reply once you launch a outreaching campaign. 

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