Cold Emailing can be challenging specially since you are reaching out to someone who has never heard about you. 

However, the type of contents that you draft matters a lot. 

At FunnelBake, we take spam very seriously. Will block anyone found spamming or abusing the system without any further warning. 

When you using FunnelBake, you agree to that you are responsible for sending authentic emails following all the necessary law. 

As per GDPR, whenever you are sending out any email, you have the consent of the person and a strong reason to reach out to him. 

Keeping the emails authentic is your responsibility.

We keep monitoring our system to ensure no spams are sent out from our system. However, if found, we will send a soft warning via email and will put your account into observation for the next three months. 

If we receive any further complain or find any spam activity through our platform post soft warning, your account will be terminated.
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