One thing that we are proud about is our unique charm offensive style of email copywriting which you can find when you are creating a new campaign. 

You can now use our pre-defined templates for your outreaching marketing efforts and launch your campaign in less than 3 minutes with FunnelBake's new template engine where not just the email template, but we have pre-built the entire campaign for you. 

That's one of the feature that really separates from all the other competitors. 

In order to get started with the templates, you need to head to Campaigns > Campaign List and then hit the Create Campaign button. 

Now select your category. (We will be regularly adding more pre-made templates each week and keep you updated)

Just like a magic, the entire campaign will be ready to launch in just 1 seconds. 

All you have to after that is edit your Campaign Settings, pick your email, groups (and integrate your Zapier). 

That's it. You are all set.
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